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Anyone who has written a text, from business documents and reports to dissertations and theses and from website content to novels and biographies, knows the importance of good quality, error-free writing. Mistakes and misprints in documents predispose the readers to losing their confidence not only in the material itself, but in the person or people behind it, as well. Our proofreading service includes (but is not limited to) checks for correct grammar, reliable punctuation, correct spelling, appropriate words, internal consistency and logical structure.
Even if you are not a native English speaker and you worry about the quality of your English in your documents, we can help review them. No task is too difficult or too little for us.



Copy-editing starts with proofreading your text, making sure that it is error-free. We then move on to improving the presentation, ensuring that the layout meets the highest standards. In addition, we adjust the tone of voice, in order to ensure that it matches the requirements of your audience; website content for example, requires a more informal tone than a publication in a journal. At the end of the copy-editing process the text will be sensible and accurate and if a passage is unclear or an assertion seems questionable we will highlight it to bring it to your attention for clarification.

Copy editing

Content optimization

There are several parts of your website that we will review and improve as part of the content optimization process. These include the content, broken links, title tags and meta tags. Once these improvements are implemented, search engines will find it easier to index your website and display it in relevant search results.

Content optimization

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  • why choose us

    We understand that many people are satisfied by the spelling checking abilities of modern word processors; we can not highlight enough, however, the importance of a human proofreader, as many mistakes and misprints are not picked up by word processors and could ultimately ruin the image of the entire document or website. To give you an example the phrase “this is there book” instead of “this is their book” will not be perceived as a mistake by a word processor.

  • what types of digital assets we can work on

    We accept documents in all major formats such as .pdf and .doc. In addition, we offer website proofreading, copy-editing and content optimization, by ripping all of the text from your website, when you send us the link.

  • beyond the traditional digital assets

    We always try to find and extract content, no matter what out target is. As technology moves forward, companies always try to find solutions to the localization of their applications. No matter what the project is, we always suggest the best solution to our clients.

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