standard rate
£ 7 /1000 words
express rate
£ 12 /1000 words


standard rate
£ 9 /1000 words
express rate
£ 16 /1000 words

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Prices depend on the size of the text and on how urgently the work is required. This means that the cost may vary; you will, however, be informed on the full cost and delivery time once you send us your document or link. When you agree to the price and the delivery time quoted, we ask for full payment and we commence working on the project. If you have a pressing deadline, please do let us know. Our service is flexible and discreet.

Document storage

Document storage

After we have sent you the final document (or the website link) we will keep the original and finalized documents for 30 days once the order has been completed. During this period, recovery of the files will be available, in case you should need them. After this period, they will be permanently deleted.

Case study

Case study:

In order to give you a better understanding of our pricing options we will use our own website as an example.
According to our word count, has a total of 3090 words. As a result, if we were to use our services it would cost:
for proofreading, £21 for standard and £36 for express delivery
for copy-editing, £27 for standard and £48 for express delivery.
Please note that for this amount of words standard delivery is 7 days and express delivery is 3 days.
If you have more questions regarding our prices, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.