Got Questions?

We consider our services to be of the highest quality and professionalism. We have done our best to keep the process you need to follow, in order to send us a document, as simple and straightforward as possible. We have put together a list of FAQs that will answer any questions you might have. If, however, you have a question, need further information regarding our services and pricing or have a suggestion to make, please do not hesitate to contact us

We regularly review Microsoft Word, PDF, Powerpoint and Text File documents. We can also review Wordperfect and Open Office documents. If you have a question about whether we can review a type of document not listed here, please contact us.
Our normal return times are 72 hours for up to 1,000 words, 7 days for up to 5,000 words, 13 days for up to 10,000 words and 20 days for up to 20,000 words. If your document exceeds 20,000 words, please contact us for an accurate estimate of proofreading time.
Return in under 24 hours is possible, depending on our current workload, so if you have a pressing deadline, please let us know.
All word processing software will have a “word count” tool. For example, in Microsoft word you will find it by clicking “Tools” from the Main Menu and then selecting “Word Count” from the drop-down menu. If you are not sure of how many words your document contains, we will happily count them and give you a price quote and a return time.
After we finalize the document we send you back TWO documents, namely:
a ‘propositional’ document, which shows all the changes we have made to the original document; all corrections and alterations will be clearly marked AND
a ‘final’ document that has all the changes implemented and is ready to be used.
We consider our prices competitive and our service offers excellent value for money. We do, however, offer discounts for documents over 20,000 words and for returning customers (members)
We at S.P.R are extraordinarily committed to ensuring security, privacy and confidentiality in every aspect of our interaction with you. At each step of the way – from the upload of your document, to payment, to storage and retrieval – we use robust, secure socket layer encryption and secure portals. As a payment method we accept Paypal, so you do not actually share your financial details with us, adding an extra level of security.
Our skills and abilities cover a wide range of tasks and if you require something extra that is not listed under our services, do not hesitate to contact us for a more personalized plan. Please note, however, that we are not (web) designers and thus we can not help you with design and page layout. Finally, we can not help you seek permissions, for example when it comes to using copyright quotations and/or images. Such permissions, if required, should be obtained before sending us your document.
There are no current vacancies with S.P.R. We are always, however, on the lookout for experienced and talented professionals. If you hold a Master’s degree and have a minimum of two years’ working experience, then send us your CV and we will be in touch should there be an opening.